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Dou Yoga

Advanced, Mixed Ability, Beginners classes in Brooklyn, New York, Kings

Why Exercise with us?

At Dou Yoga we believe in the importance of the individual and the collectivity of a community. Each person and body expresses the pose and the classroom experience differently. Even if it looks the same on the outside, it can feel very different on the inside. Our Clinton Hill yoga studio offers a space to honor your practice, to trust what your body tells you, regardless of class level, style o... r teacher.

Our yoga studio is rooted in our neighborhood of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Our classroom gives the opportunity to connect and share your practice amongst your friends and neighbors. It is important to us to maintain the safety and comfort of the space for yourself and each other.

Yoga is more than physical flexibility and strength, although it can be very effective for that: it is the process, the experience, and the integration of breath, mind, body and community.
Insured By: Philadelphia Insurance

Insured By: Philadelphia Insurance
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